Sailor Themed Cake Smash February 2018

Today's extra special because you turn one!

We will eat cake & ice-cream and have lots of fun.

It seem just like yesterday that you were brand new.

And now, there are so many things you can do.

We will light your first candle and make a big fuss to be

sure that you know you're precious to us.

Today's extra special because you turn one! and the best thing of all is- YOUR LIFE JUST BEGUN!!

Thank you so much for letting me be apart of such a special day. It was sooo much fun.

Filled with laughter and in the end memories you will treasure for always.

The wonderful themed setting was done with the combined effort of myself as well as my new creative client Merisha. Thank you so much for the input the amount of effort to make sure the little ones cake smash session was a success. 

Each cake smash session whether themed or plain is done with the same amount of effort and with unique prop settings and more. 

Do you have a unique theme idea for a cake smash? Why not see what 4Keeps Photo can do for you to make your dream a reality.

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