By confirming and finalizing the booking process the client hereby automatically agrees to the following terms & conditions


Refunds & Cancellations: ​

The Client agrees to be no more than 10 minutes late to appointed shoot. In the case that Client does not arrive on time Client will only be allowed the allocated time left or the client will forfeit 70% of the shoot value.

If the Client cancels the appointment on the day of the shoot or do not arrive at the appointed time, then the shoot value is non-refundable.

If the booking is cancelled within a period of 48 hours before the session, the client will only be able to qualify for 30% of the shoot value.

If the client changes or want to move the time of the session on the allocated date of the shoot, and the desired time is unavailable then the client will have the option to reschedule to another date or change to another photo-shoot option to the same value of the package.

If client still wants a refund if desired time change is not available and opts to cancel the shoot, then they will only qualify for a 30% refund of the total value.

If Photographer does not appear for the session the Client will receive a full refund to the value of the package selected.


The deposit: The deposit refers to the time and date confirmation of the shoot.

Refund deposit represents 50% of the package

30% Refund is only applicable if:

  • Client cancels shoot within 48 hours

  • If rescheduled booking time and date is not acceptable for client


  • If client cancels the shoot on the appointed day or within 24 hours

  • If clients does not arrive on time and the photographer does not have at least 30 mins to do the shoot for the client

  • If client is late for the entire session.

​If a package requires rentals, hires, and or make up then the client's refund will be deducted with the valued hired and they will only receive the remaining total as refund.

Rescheduling of the shoot:

If the client misses their shoot or request to reschedule within a period of 36 hours of their shoot, then a rescheduling fee will apply. The fee will be 60% of the entire package value.

Preparing for Family Sessions:

In regard to a family-session or a session pertaining to children, it is the clients responsibility to ensure their little one be well rested, had breakfast/lunch or a snack to ensure that they are happy and more than willing to play along with the shoot. If however this is not the case the session would need to be rescheduled and a 2nd booking fee of R850 will be charged.  


Shoot Locations:

The photographer suggests locations for all photo-sessions if however, the client has a their own venue of choice it would be the client's responsibility to obtain all permissions necessary for the Photographer to photograph at the engagement/ venue. The Photographer has no duty to obtain permission of reception centres, churches, buildings, properties, or other locations to operate thereon. The Client understands and agrees that any failure to obtain these permissions resulting in fines to photographer, or which prevent photographer from photographing the event(s) is not the fault, liability, or responsibility of photographer. 


Traveling Fee:

The Client agrees to reimburse the Photographer for any travel greater than 20Km unless otherwise discussed.


Online Gallery and Due Dates:

The Photographer ensures that the Client will receive the online gallery no longer than 2-6 weeks after the photo-shoot date. If there is a delay the Photographer will notify the Client in advance. The Client's gallery will be online for a period of 3 weeks before it expires thus all online orders or downloads needs to happen within that period. If the gallery needs to be re-upload after the photographer has given enough notice of removal then a upload fee of R250 will be charged. 


4Keeps Photo is a natural styled photographer and editing will be natural and full of love. All blemishes etc will be removed and photos are edited with the greatest of care and love. If however the client is not happy with certainly aspects of their appearance the photographer reserves the right to charge extra for editing as this will be classified of specialized editing. Specialized editing will start from R30 per photo depending on the editing and time required. 

Samples of specialized editing:

  • Double chins

  • Removal of certain things in the background

  • If you want to make arms, legs, tights etc smaller or look thinner.

  • Adding an extra person who was not at the session

  • Changing of clothes colours

  • Drastically changing your appearance.

  • Any other changes that is not natural

These are not qualified as natural editing and would be considered outside the photographer's style.  



The Photographer retains the copyright to all photographs taken, and allows the Client unlimited, but non-exclusive, rights to use and print said photographs. If the Photographer supplies the Client with digital copies it is important for the Client to print all digital files at a proper photo lab such as Fotofirst. If printed at a Postnet etc. the Photographer cannot be held liable for print quality as the Photographer supplies the highest quality in digital images. 


Marsie Oosthuizen

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